Spotify Premium APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

No longer works with Google play music EDIT: Spotify Premium APK seems to be working with Google Play Music now. Not sure what was going on but I’ve been running it for a few hours now and it seems to be running fine. I will Download Spotify Premium APK with Official Latest Android Version and then updated my review of it once it started working again.


About Spotify Premium

For years I’ve been waiting for this app to show lyrics for recognized tracks. It’s a pity I still need to use the painfully invasive Musixmatch.

Loses tracks often and not always the same. Seems to have poor performance whenever a connection to a network is lost.

Scrobbles perfectly smooth on each song I listen on Spotify. When you get stuck in prev song, just close the app and open it again. Thank you, Spotify Premium!

It used to work fine, I only used it for scrobbling and nothing else. But now it keeps getting stuck at songs and doesn’t scrobble my music anymore unless I press the next song.

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Spotify Premium APK Download for Android


It scrobbles only the first song played. What is the point, then? Actually, this behavior occurs whenever a Bluetooth speaker is used – only the first song is scrobbled. If the music is played on the phone itself or with headphones, no problem. Unfortunately, I use Bluetooth speakers A LOT – by my bed, in the car, on my bike. For the record, I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone, Android 6 (Marshmallow), scrobbling from Google Music app.

Spotify Premium APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Works, however in combination with Spotify on my phone it will ALWAYS scrobble that is playing, no matter the setting in the Spotify Premium app. This resulted in double scrobbles and a puzzle as to why it was. Disabling the built-in Scrobbling in Spotify fixed the issue. (But really the Spotify Premium app should honor the setting for scrobbling!).

Good app but like It scrobbles everything twice and it really annoys me. Also, I feel like the app should have to power to look at recommendations, not just what you’ve listened to.

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Features of the Spotify Premium

It does its thing. That thing just happens to be much less than it used to be. I remember when this used to be a great way to find and listen to new music. Now, it just lets me see which songs I listen to the most.


It still does what it’s supposed to, but barely. Highly unstable, the app doesn’t scrobble when you play a song on repeat (it will only scrobble the first time you played the song), and sometimes it doesn’t save your scribbles while you’re offline. Feels almost like an abandoned app.

Worked well. This app worked well until about 4 days ago and then it started to close before the app opened and now it just asks to send a report. Until it’s looked at I am unable to use it at all.

Works reasonably well, but sometimes gets stuck scrobbling a song and won’t stop. Either way, it looks like I won’t be getting a fix for that, as I won’t be updating the app until the intrusive READ_PHONE_STATE permission is removed. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.


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