Skype APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

The best video chat that I have tested – I am in a long-distance relationship so I have tried every video chat option. Not perfect but with the vagaries of Internet connectivity speeds it is hard to know how much of call quality issues Skype can control. The unlimited voice dialing plan to the USA is also super convenient when traveling/living abroad. Download Skype APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The Skype

For people like me who work in a different country, it gives me the home feeling through the video call. I am so thankful to Skype. I am running the Android version on s Pixel XL. The interface is a very attractive. Its subscription is great with the odd bad connection which spoils ones call. Keep up the good work Skype team.

I have used it for many years, not had any problems, never needed help. The quality has always been excellent. Thank you, Skype. You are the best. It’s a lifeline for us. Can’t think of anything so useful for communication through the internet. One suggestion, what abt sending video messages..otherwise overall experience is outstanding.

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Skype APK Download for Android

It buffers for a second maybe once a call but I have an old phone so if this works on my phone I know it’s a great app clear picture no lag just great all the way around plus I love the new updates it makes it so much easier to use.

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Skype APK Download [ Latest Version ]

The call quality is excellent. I’m also happy that old credits can be used. It saved my life abroad. Solid app. If you have a semi-decent internet connection, you will be able to face time with no real technical/glitches issues. Ohh and the big plus, IT’S FREE!!

With a Web connection, great inexpensive calls from Europe home. Everyone we’ve called has commented on the quality of the calls. Not as fond of the new interface, but very useful to deal with friends and family traveling or just far away. I travel the world and as long as there is the internet my clients and family can always reach me without any problems

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Features of the Skype

I love being able to talk to my hubby when he is halfway across the world and it doesn’t cost us money. Reminds me of the Future world at Disney when I was a child. I love to skype it is easy to use and contact your friends and see what they’re up. Good quality of voice and sound provided the data connection is good.

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This is really a good app….and especially for those who do not have enough balance for calling….really it’s a great app…and I would like to give big thanks to team skype for their valuable support….great job and best app ever….

Very useful app; my girlfriend is in Ireland and using a cell plan would just be ridiculously expensive. Thank you, Skype for bringing people together, near and far. Works great on my new S7. Awesome to say goodnight to the kids when I have to work nights or for calling the grandmas that live far away!

Day by Day Skype is making you feel closer to your loved ones by constantly improving the quality and features, we are so excited it is reducing distances and bringing the world to your doorstep.

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