Pokémon GO APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

I just got the update and missed out on a Raikou raid because of the gym wouldn’t open. Pokémon GO APK Download would only show a glowing ball above the gym. 🙁 and 2 of my family members beat it but the game crashed and wouldn’t let them back in to catch it.

Glitchy. It let me back in for a different one, and I caught it. But temperamental update. I do like that the battle button now shows how many people are in prior to clicking 🙂 good change.

Pokémon GO apk download

About Pokémon GO

This game is absolutely brilliant. Not only has it got to be out and about I’m spending time with my daughter playing it. The raids really bring people together and everyone I’ve met a really nice. Need gen three now tho so will have to switch off for a few months because it gets boring in between releases.

This game is too good for wandering person. Raid battle is an awesome option for cached rare or evolved Pokemon. I have #requests for some #improvement Pokemon go game.

  1. Increased range of pokeshop to open easily.
  2. Increased range of gym battle and raid battle.
  3. Increased range of avatars to easily catch pokemons.
  4. our area have neither any pokeshop nor gym battle stadium

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Pokémon GO APK Download for Android

Pokémon GO

Well everyone since I downloaded the update on 8/31/17 my character turns black then it lags me out. I did happen to notice I haven’t been getting all my gold from gyms and a decent amount of powerful Pokemon I did have are deleted…..Can you please FIX BUG PLEASE…..

Pokémon GO APK Download [ Latest Version ]

You guys need to improve your android app, this is disgusting. Unless you have the newest android phone out there everything’s so slow! Your iOS app doesn’t lag on anything! Even if using an iPhone 5s from years ago compared to a newer android the iOS app still has better everything!

This game could have been something special, but Niantic has made it progressively worse by removing features and turning it into a completely different product than advertised. The initial release wasn’t perfect, but it was light years the head of the version of the game they have given us today. Removing tracking was the biggest gaffe, the laughable sightings system they replaced it with is a massive failure, and is more frustrating than useful.

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Features of the Pokémon GO

Getting a bit dull now, there’s still glitches, unstable gps, low level, common Pokemon taking several pokeballs to catch or escaping, pokestops not registering properly and not seen anything but the same common Pokemon for weeks on end. Not happy with the treatment loyal, paying users get. Still few pokestops, gyms and rare Pokemon for non-city players. We’re not all able to walk for long distances every day and the inability to collect items or Pokemon when a passenger in a vehicle really impacts negatively on gameplay. NO chance for rural players to catch legendaries, there’s not enough gyms

Pokémon GO apk

A little laggy at times, but overall pretty good. Do wish, however, that more different common and uncommon Pokemon would pop up instead of the same 4 ones. Need to also add more Gyms and PokeStops for those that live in rural areas.

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