Best Android Apps of 2017

We pick the top performer android applications of 2017. You can check out the list and find the respective APK files which are safe to download.

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It is an amazing app where u can talk to ur friends easily, share things, and can talk to new people, as well as learn things which u didn’t know. Instagram has amazing features, and overall something u can use easily when bored to look at things. Download Instagram APK with Official Latest Android Version. About [...]

Fire Emblem Heroes is a great game. Happy it got turned into an anime… Addictive game and nice graphics….  Really great and challenging game that everyone should play… So far so good great game to download if you enjoyed the fire emblem series. The story telling a bit confusing but the graphic and the character is nice. Download Fire [...]

I love Netflix app because I can watch some of my favorite shows and movies. But can you guys keep things that are already on there and ADD MORE stuff so everyone won’t get bored with stuff that is already on there. Download Netflix APK with Official Latest Android Version. About The Netflix Great service [...]

Subway Surfers is a very nice game for kids and adults too. loved this game, no hangings, running very smoothly nothing to say bad about it. I will never delete this game for sure. I love the new updates & characters. Keeps it very refreshing & exciting. Download Subway Surfers APK with Official Latest Android Version. [...]

Best wrestling game ever From the fact that it looks stunning to the fact that the game play is actually very smooth I like WWE 2K over other wrestling games because it is swipe and touch based rather than tapping a screen full of fake buttons. Please keep updating and add more matches and wrestlers. Download [...]

True Skate a good skate game. This is the best sports simulation game I have ever played. The controls are the best and the gameplay is amazing. You can get different skate boards with points you earn. It is also the most addictive game I have ever played. Download True Skate APK with Official Latest Android [...]

The question regarding the best application for spying on text messages on the mobile devices was on for quite some time. Well, despite several suggestions no confident conjecture was made for the same until now. Well, we are going to provide this post to answer the question as [Answered] Is there an App for Spying [...]

Good game hacking app. Always improving with good service. The Dev works hard and improves constantly. I am curious as to what you use for the game code? Not the server communication, but just the basics, Game Hacker is smooth and impressive. I do find having moderators slightly inconvenience and would prefer a report button [...]

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