Best Android Apps of 2017

We pick the top performer android applications of 2017. You can check out the list and find the respective APK files which are safe to download.

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Perfect I don’t know why people hate it, it’s a great way to communicate with friends and family!! Don’t know why it wasn’t invented sooner. Very useful I like it this application because it is easy to use. The one way I can keep in contact with my Family &Friends and keep updated on with everything! download Facebook [...]

BEST GAME EVER!!! I just can’t even imagine my life without it!! I have been playing this game since the very beginning but, I lost my account because I couldn’t connect it with my Gmail. Though, as I started playing Clash of Clans again like a month ago, I enjoy it well, download Clash of Clans APK [...]

Love it! I wanted it for posting vids to Instagram but it wasn’t working I had to convert the files but with TubeMate, it works like a dream now! Great App Actually downloads online but you can watch offline.(Unlike other apps). Probably great Instead of going on YouTube I can now download videos… If you also want [...]

The game is amazing I played this game since it came out well not really I played it when it was called Minecraft lol. I love it I can’t stop playing it and I love version 1.5 and I really recommend others to download and play this game. it’s amazing. so go and download Minecraft APK with [...]

Snapchat is the best! I always take pics of my friends and we have so much fun. It is so handy for chatting to your friends and love the filters and stickers. for selfie crazy people, Snapchat is must have app. please download Snapchat APK with Official Latest Android Version and have fun with your friends. About The [...]

Pandora works perfectly and is awesome! The new search/download features are awesome! Please bring these to desktop and/or web app, please!! Best ever I think you guys are great. keep doing what you do. Love Pandora. Don’t know what we did before Pandora. Plays great via Bluetooth on the car radio. If you have not downloaded [...]

Uc Browser is only the best browser app to download files, and AD Block is working so great, but sometimes this app crash or unstable and some bugs. I really proud with performance and high-speed download, because I like to download anything from internet and Uc browser really big help, recommended to download UC Browser APK [...]

Adam4Adam is a great alternative to some of the currently popular gay dating apps. Useful application for seeking anonymous sexual partners (all the utility of the bar scene without the mayhem, alcoholism, cattiness, and noise… very nice app, you must need to download Adam4Adam APK with Official Latest Android Version. About The Adam4Adam It’s a [...]

Movie HD has every movie (new/old), TV show (reality, dramas, crime. Whatever. It’s so great. Because everything is absolutely free. You don’t even have to sign up for anything! Great movie choices. But, every time I watch a movie, near the end, it freezes the movie and only plays sound. Otherwise it’s awesome please download the [...]