Best Android Apps of 2017

We pick the top performer android applications of 2017. You can check out the list and find the respective APK files which are safe to download.

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Fanatic open source app! Thank you so much for not including ads in it! Nomao really let’s my S6 Active shine over the stock camera. You can force 4K in the video setting, along with frame rate and bit rate! The HDR photo is also better than my stock app… Download Nomao APK with Official [...]

Videos can be downloaded into phone memory or SD card. So nice and interesting to download on Android phones. Needs babes. Lots of them… I think XVideos is a good & nice app to have… download XVideos APK with Official Latest Android Version. Thank you, XVideos for providing us the free entertainment… About The XVideos Great, It’s the [...]

Amazon’s service is brilliant. Have been ordering from Amazon for a good while now and haven’t been disappointed even once. Any problems are resolved quickly and I’ve been a Prime member for a good while. Great deals are available from time to time and availability of many kinds of products helps. Download Amazon APK with Official [...]

Finally, Firefox has made an improvement to get into the major race of mobile browser. A new update has made it smooth, efficient, fast and low on memory usage. Feeling satisfied. Been using Firefox since launch as a desktop browser. It’s still my default browser on pc and now finally on my mobile too. you [...]

Budget saver! You don’t have to buy tickets to movies which are really expensive But this app tho made my budget saved. Just buy a smartphone download Popcorn Time app and click the link and voila! Enjoy your movies. what are you waiting for? Just Download Popcorn Time APK with Official Latest Android Version and enjoy your [...]

Could not have asked for a better DS emulator! Runs very smoothly with high performance, hardly any legs and absolutely no freezes at all. Lots of user control and customization options with the ability to customize options for each particular game. The developer of DraStic really thought out the user experience for this one. Best money [...]

YouTube is a must have App. I don’t know how I live without this. Most of my life is watching YouTube. It’s sad, I know, but it useful in so many ways being entertainment, for example, educational purposes, learning skills, making some recipe, etc. so download YouTube APK with its Official Latest Android Version and start [...]

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