NBA2K18 APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

The game is good. Easy to learn. Tons of options and will be a good companion for 2K17. The most frustrating part of the game is when you go to watch an ad and it doesn’t load, and this happens alot. I wish when you have 2 of the same player they were next to each other or a filter that shows duplicate players. Other than that great game that I play every day. Download NBA2K18 APK with Official Latest Android Version.

NBA2K18 for android

About The NBA2K18

I am a huge fan of this game. 200 minutes in between games is a great idea. Definitely easier to manage for people in the real world. The thing is playoff mode is glitching. The timer is unreliable. This is making gameplay difficult. Oh, and I hope that other game modes are planned for patch and auction house this year, please.

NBA2K18 has changed a lot in a good and bad way. Everything works great. I had no problems login in and probe cards. Also, the playoffs are 200 minutes long which is Superb. Overall this game is pretty fun.

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NBA2K18 APK Download for Android

The first reaction was WOW! Incredible graphics, player game motions, cutscenes, and Play by play…on a $30 smartphone app!? Blown away by it! EA NBA Live 16 mobile app is now leaps and bounds behind! Addictive. NEVER thought I would move to smartphone play. Love NBA2K18!

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NBA2K18 APK Download [ Latest Version ]

This is WAY better than 2K17, but please make the actual game but free please, we would all love to download it, but not all of us can pay for it. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Great app. Addicted to the career mode. Only issues I’d like to bring up are the settings don’t save, stats don’t update throughout the season and I can’t change settings for the career mode once I started eg. The quarter length, coach plays etc Could 2K18 be more interactive in terms of how my player affects the team, league etc off the court?

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Features of the NBA2K18

Very good game, I’d say it’s the best basketball game I’ve played on a mobile device. I think y’all need to make a NASCAR game just like this because there aren’t any good NASCAR games on a mobile device with a career mode.

NBA2K18 apk download

This game isn’t Lit!!! But this is a great game to play if you were wanting to find a super fun NBA card game…Love it just make playoffs shorter 5 days to complete just one Playoff is boring and tiring…

This game could be a thing in the future. Maybe after a couple of updates, this will be the same as the ps4 PC Xbox edition, I liked it but need to fix some bugs. Need to get the missing player faces sorted, good job on the game and loving the new card design.

I enjoy this game a lot. It’s a good port to the mobile. I only have 2 issues. The controls, the controls are good, but once I get to the 2nd quarter the NBA2K18 controls get too big and out of the don’t fit on the full screen, so you need to fix that. And my other problem is that it lags a little (sometimes) usually when shooting. I have enough space left so it’s not that. But other than that NBA2K18 game is amazing! Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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