GTA San Andreas APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Runs perfectly. Since its original release in 2004, I’ve wanted to be able to play this game anywhere in the world. Not only can I do just that, but the graphics are at least 5x better than the PS2 version. Only thing I ask is a more refined shooting system with the more accurate free aim, otherwise, it’s perfect! download GTA San Andreas APK with Official Latest Android Version in your device and start playing it….

GTA San Andreas download

About The GTA San Andreas

Just awesome There are two kinds of people: those who have problems with touchscreen gamepads and those who play with them normally. No problems at all for me. It runs on maximum specs on ZenFone 2. I had great times playing GTA San Andreas back in the days and now I can enjoy it again. Thanks, guys! Suggestion: please allow key mapping for the volume button! They work nicely as triggers.

GTA San Andreas Works well enough on my nexus. Was pleasantly surprised to find it synced perfectly with my Moga despite not being on their list. There’s no “easy way” to use cheats; you have to buy an additional app or root your device and use some fishy apks. Overall, I’m glad I spent the 7 bones

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GTA San Andreas APK Download for Android

GTA San Andreas

This is a great game brings back memories of Cheetos and my PlayStation 2… The good old days. I like the controls maybe we could add controller support and also there are some minor graphical glitches here and there. I paid good money for GTA San Andreas I think we deserve a little bit of improvement to make this game PERFECT. It’s near perfect but I went ahead and gave it 5stars anyways because it runs fast and smooth on my S7 with Android 7.0 Nougat!!!

GTA San Andreas APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Love it! I grew up playing GTA San Andreas all the time and now I feel old as ish because I can play it on my phone now. Def a great game to play and graphics are amazing. BUT.. will have to tweak the display settings to run smoothly, unfortunately. Love how the cloud setting is on here and makes it easier to move game data from device to device! I love playing it just wish I could have the settings a little higher to enjoy the remastered version better. Looking forward to getting Liberty City Stories next!

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Features of the GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas apk

The Nostalgia This game is still amazing. The controls are a little weird and lags a lot and ill go over how to handle that, but aside from that, it’s good. The game lags a lot, the only way to fix this is completely turned down the draw distance and resolution, this needs to be fixed. The graphics on this compared to the ps2 graphics look very good. If you have not played the game this is one of the best games of all time. The lag really draws the game back but I already to what to do. If you’ve never played this buy this.

Brings back good memories! Works well on my Samsung note 4. Has crashed a few times with a message displaying “Unfortunately this cannot be played right now” but they’re few and far between. Controls are a little tricky but that’s pretty standard with mobile gaming! Over all, I’m very happy and would recommend it. Just make sure u have enough memory! 2GB is required!

Amazing that we can play this on phones now, never could have imagined back when I played vice city as a kid that I could play these full games (not some chopped up version) on a small handheld device. The graphics, specifically people, fall a bit short but GTA San Andreas is an old game being played on a mobile device. Besides that, Top Marks! Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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