FoxFi Key APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

This app works like a champ, FoxFi Key will work if your Android version isn’t as new (which is hard now). I have an extra phone that I keep around for long trips so I can keep my passengers entertained with this app without paying a carrier for a service that should be included with my phone service. Download FoxFi Key APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The FoxFi Key

Best App Ever – to go with my unlimited data. I now have a Samsung S5 Galaxy and have not had a single problem using since day one. I got the S5 for free and I would have returned just to keep using this app.

I use 90-300GB of data a month and Foxfi has always worked. I want to update my phone just to make sure it works first. They do a wonderful job keeping up with OS changes. Have used for over 2 years on Droid 4 and now on the S5 for 5 months without any problems. I got S5 right away and Foxfi worked. It was so worth the one-time cheap as hell fee.

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FoxFi Key APK Download for Android

Omg changed my life I just made the very great decision to buy this app. I’ve never left a review on anything so that right there should tell you I care a lot about this. I have been living in a house with no wifi for a year now but unlimited phone internet.

FoxFi Key apk download

FoxFi Key APK Download [ Latest Version ]

This app literally allows me to transfer my internet to my computer without letting them know im tethering so they don’t slow me down after a certain amount. Love it so much and thank you

Great app I had the Droid RAZR Maxx and this worked flawlessly. Upgraded to the new RAZR Maxx and awaiting a fix for WiFi. I love this app. Why do cell companies make you pay twice for data? Once for the data and a second time to turn your phone into a hotspot to use the data you already paid for. It seems to me like they are double dipping. Thank you, makers and updaters of FoxFi Key for all you do in keeping this app functioning.

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Features of the FoxFi Key

The best Wi-Fi hotspot app ever. I’ve had FoxFi Key app installed on my droid x my HTC Rezound my Samsung galaxy s3 my galaxy s5 and now on my galaxy s 7. I’m on Verizon and my slow speed is usually about 30 megabytes per second and it types out at about 65 megabytes per second.

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I leave it on 24 hours a day on the weekends it never shuts off it always works and last month believe it or not I use 447. Something gigabytes worth of data. Thank God I’m still grandfathered in with my unlimited data and I don’t even have to pay $20 a month.

Amazing My phones internet provider wouldn’t let me use the hotspot WiFi function on my phone. They wanted me to pay extra for it. I just downloaded FoxFi Key and it works now. I was using the WiFi function but recently it stopped working properly. No worries I used the USB tethering and it’s even better and works flawlessly. I clicked on

I clicked on USB tethering and it directed me to a website to download the file I needed for my pc. Perfect. I really am so happy I bought this. FoxFi Key is my favorite app when I’m away from home. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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