Flappy Bird APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

I like the way it really looks the same than the original but the strength of this game is the sound effect wherein it is not as distracting as the original game which is all we know. It brings me back to the days where this game is a trendy one and I hope this will not shut down too. I also hope for the improvement of graphics although it is not bad. Great job! Download Flappy Bird APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The Flappy Bird

It’s great! There is just one thing I want you to add… make it so you csn.race other people through it and u can customize your bird. And if you go online to race u should make so that if u run into a column… u just get stars above ur head and u slow down. Then u have a finish line. First, on their win coins and with coins, u can customize your bird!

A much easier game than flappy bird. The bird’s outline is smoother, which allows it to not scrape the pipes and get a way better score.

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Flappy Bird APK Download for Android

I love Flappy Bird game it is so fun and super easy and wanna know something? The way u know this is a good game is I have ADHD so I look for games that won’t test my patience but my sister showed me this and I love it!

Flappy Bird apk

Flappy Bird APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Flappy Bird is awesome it’s a great time killer when you’re at work or home just turn this on and dive deep into a land of fun and rage. I love it so fun and challenging there could not be a better game in the world if I were you I would want to download it#LOVE Thanks much, Kathy!!!

It is funny!the game I love it and I play it alot people should buy it helps the brain for me and for other people and it helps your thumb but other people will not think that because the did not play it.

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Features of the Flappy Bird

The game is very challenging and addictive. I loved playing it but the graphics are not so attractive. So please improve the graphics and then the game will be awesome and perfect. Its the best game you will ever get it keeps you active and it is very addicting I  made it to 125 in the score it’s so hard to beat it though lol

Flappy Bird android

The whole game is great, but they should let us change the color of the Bird and see the leaderboards. This is my favorite game in the hole wide world. I just liked Flappy Bird and I would recommend this to you too.

This is a good game, just that I wish there were coins to buy wallpapers and different birds. This is almost like the original I love it to make a shop or something so we have something to work up to.

This game is so fun and is so addictive I play it all the time because it’s a very very fun game to play. Fun and great for passing the time. However, it’s entirely too easy. All of the challenges are gone. I think that this was a very classy game with great highlights and features and controls no doubts about this game. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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