Firefox APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Finally, Firefox has made an improvement to get into the major race of mobile browser. A new update has made it smooth, efficient, fast and low on memory usage. Feeling satisfied. Been using Firefox since launch as a desktop browser. It’s still my default browser on pc and now finally on my mobile too. you also need to try by downloading Firefox APK with Official Latest Android Version.

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About The Firefox

Firefox stepping it way up. The last mobile Firefox app I tried was slow and slightly uglier than chrome. It just didn’t feel good to use. I download this app and am welcomed with beautiful UI and insanely snappy response. Feels great to use. It needs the single handed zoom though. Where you can double tap, and drag to zoom. Other than that… It’s freaking good. Give it a shot. You may just have a new default browser.

Works great nice layout. Easy to use. Hope you fixed the crash problem I’ve had. That’s my only complaint. Other than that its great. Long time user.

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Firefox APK Download for Android

I absolutely love Firefox. It’s the only browser I use on my laptop or my phone. The browser that came on the phone is a joke and Chrome is slow as hell. Even if these things weren’t true the add-ons alone would make Firefox worth using, there are some AMAZING features with the add-ons.

Firefox apk download

Firefox APK Download [ Latest Version ]

I see the complaints others have but I’ve had no trouble at all. It is true that it eats battery and that’s definitely something that could be looked into to fix but I just downloaded some battery saver apps that boost the phone RAM and problem solved.

I also really appreciate that Firefox works to defend user privacy and is non-profit. I’ll keep using it as long as these things remain true… Great app. Love add-ons, especially ad blocking and features.

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Features of the Firefox

Keeps getting better over the years. Still not the most stable browser but it always snaps right back. Keep up the good work, folks.

Firefox for android

The one and only browser! Fair, independent, safe & unique – plus adjustable to exactly fit your needs. Once you have gotten into it, you won’t be using any other browser on any other platform. This browser is just as easy to use as its PC brother. I wish that we could access the saved password section like on the PC version, that would make it perfect for me.

I use Firefox for years, it’s my favorite browser. Also for windows. Thanks, devs of firefox for a free web browser that i.m.h.o is the best there is. And it’s faster than ever. Simply the best browser ever, I use it everywhere and I love the reading mode plus the shared chronology to start reading on the phone and finishing somewhere else! Really appreciate it!

Best browser I know of. Long time user, installed it many, many years ago when first offered. Proudly used by my family members. Thank you for this great product….., Wow this has improved tremendously since I last tried it. Add-ons all working and I synced to my computer easily and have access to all my bookmarks. Set this as my default browser. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.

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