FIFA 16 APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

This game is fun and challenging and it has a lot of potentials. One thing I would like to see is commentary. It would be very fun playing matches with commentary, so it would be nice if you add it at least in season matches. And another thing, it takes an eternity for the energy bar to recharge, so decrease the recharging time too. Other than that, this game is awesome and I hope it becomes better later on. Download FIFA 16 APK with Official Latest Android Version.

Fifa 16 apk

About The FIFA 16

This app is excellent. let you know live scores, matches dates, league statistics and goal leaders. Outstanding football app. Can’t leave without it. Such a good app. Nice app The only thing I want in this app is adding up to 5 clubs then I’ll give 5 stars…

Nice to kick… This is a nice app to all football fan for to know all information like live matches, result, fan zone, news, rank and much more. Virtually the best football app that could ever be! The iPad version is even better! Good job This is an app perfect for all those who love football… good job.

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FIFA 16 APK Download for Android

Awesome The FIFA 16 app is really better than more. It’s always active for any news of football side. Very in depth and perfect for all soccer fans. Great update! I knew that the video game was awesome but I didn’t that the app is the same! Can’t wait for Russia now. BTW the history of the world cups is a great touch! Bravo!

Fifa 16 download

FIFA 16 APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Very good app It tells me everything I need to know about my Chelsea. Nice! It took you guys a while, but glad you finally fixed everything. this app fulfills all needs but it needs much space than required.

Awesome Works perfect for me never glitches or logs out if you have an issue get a better phone. Fantastic! As a football/soccer fan, FIFA 16 is an app I use daily. And compared to most other football news apps, this looks great & works well.

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Features of the FIFA 16

Addicted!!!! I love this game, but there is one tiny problem. I had to delete it for some reason when installing it again, it didn’t even ask me to sign in my account, it just said me to play. Now when I go to link accounts in the settings, there is no option for me to sign in. So, I want EA sports for me to solve this problem. I hope you received this message Thank you

Fifa 16

It’s good but The FIFA 16 app is simple and easy to use but u should add an option where we could watch the match either it’s live or its the previous match. I hope u read this cuz the app is cool just I sometimes missed the match so hopefully, u got this. Wonderful A wonderful app of football I love this. No Bad comments for such an awesome app

Love it, FIFA 16 is really addictive, though I wish the points would refresh faster and or more opportunities to earn them came along more often. Also, more random events to earn superstar players would be great..also a search button would help if you know what you’re looking for but dunno where to find it..thanx guys. Get all the latest APK files for Android from Browsys.


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