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Quite recently, there was a major update from Google involving the security of smartphones. The Factory Reset Protection is a security feature that prevents anyone else other than you from accessing your device. But, we are here with FRP Bypass APK if you are locked out of your own device. The main trick behind FRP Bypass [...]

Netflix is by no means an unknown name in the realm of Media Streaming. It is by far the most popular and widely appreciated subscription based media streaming app. Take out the subscription part, add 123, you get 123Netflix App that is almost similar to Netflix. 123Netflix is the new kid on the block but packs quite [...]

The Zombie genre has been popular for decades and there are numerous films depicting that. A post apocalyptic world where you have to survive with whatever you have and fend off the enemies. Last Day on Earth Survival Mod is a game that is all about survival. The of the game goes like this: In the [...]

YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform and has millions of videos on it. The fad in recent times has been the one where people upload videos and aim to gain more followers. YouTubers Life APK will let you achieve that in the game. A YouTuber is a person who has a YouTube Channel, post videos [...]

Who doesn’t like to go to the Movies? Everyone has their own taste in cinema, movies, and shows. But what if you missed a movie? Or you want to watch a movie of your choice? Then you should probably have Vizer TV APK for Android. Vizer App is a media streaming app that you can [...]

Are you a movie buff? Do you like watching TV Shows and Anime all the time? If you haven’t found a proper source of media streaming yet, then you have struck gold with Repelis Plus APK Download for Android. Repelis Plus is one of the best media streaming apps on the internet which provides free entertainment. [...]

Clash of Heroes is a genius game from Ubisoft Entertainment for Android and iOS platforms. We are going to focus on the Android part for the time being. This post has a guide on how to do Clash of Heroes APK Download and how to use it. Clash of Heroes APK is a puzzle role playing [...]

Some of the best games on the Android market are strategy games. People get a different thrill from this kinda games. Undoubtedly the best game in this genre is Clash Of Clans. Clash of Magic APK for Android makes it even better. Clash of Magic is a custom server network for playing Clash of Clans on [...]

Music lovers are going to go gaga over with this app and it is really worth it. Musically is a great social media platform, much like Facebook or Instagram but with a twist. We have made this post to explain the Musically Login Sign In process. Musically lets you record videos and overlap them with an [...]

Movies, TV Series, Cartoons, Sports, News……all of them have been an integral part of our life. Normally, you would be watching all these things on a TV through cable. But with Live NetTV for Android, you would be able to watch TV on your Android phone. Live NetTV is a live TV streaming app that lets you [...]

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