In my MUST HAVE APP list Rated because it deserves. Sometimes you can’t get your requirements fulfilled because you were served with games first. This app skips that step. APPVN is by far the number one app in the play store. It does what it says; removes the games. I have been waiting for an [...]

The best video chat that I have tested – I am in a long-distance relationship so I have tried every video chat option. Not perfect but with the vagaries of Internet connectivity speeds it is hard to know how much of call quality issues Skype can control. The unlimited voice dialing plan to the USA [...]

The best ever! It’s quick and doesn’t give you any problems like all the other apps. You must just search the video on google and press on download then it will give you an option to download via the SnapTube app. That’s the best way to use it. Download SnapTube APK with Official Latest Android Version. [...]

It’s awesome I don’t know why everyone is complaining. It works so good but some of the theme songs are wrong, but still a great game! It was great although it is very challenging its fun. Download Undertale APK with Official Latest Android Version. About The Undertale Do you think you can slow down Spider dance a [...]

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