Aptoide APK Download with Official Latest Android Version

Sometimes you can’t get your requirements fulfilled because you were served with games first. Aptoide app skips that step. I suggest everyone must download Aptoide APK with Official Latest Android Version!!! This app is fine with me as I’m a more work related and or productive related person, so this does worry me too much at all.


About The Aptoide

Nice idea I’m pretty tired of having game ads shoved in my face all the time. Aptoide at least does something to alleviate that annoyance. Its only flaw is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to navigate to my installed apps. I use a Xposed module that makes the Play Store app start there by default. If I didn’t have Xposed, this app might be more useful.

This app is by far THE number 1 app in the play store. Aptoide does what it says; removes the games. I have been waiting for an app like this. You won’t be sorry…guaranteed!

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Aptoide APK Download for Android


OMG Ty for this one! I’m tired of the games. Pls, stop trashing ads to my face google. It’s my new app store client from now on, but I’m afraid that google will ban it soon…

Exactly what I needed. I don’t play any Google play games, so this app is right up my alley! Thank you for taking the time to develop this app. Luv it Won’t miss all the games. Now about all the other useless……

Aptoide APK Download [ Latest Version ]

Perfectly Simple I didn’t realize how much I missed the old school app lists. Thank you for weeding out the BS!

This corrects the very real and stupid problem in the Play Store with games showing up in the apps section (why even have a games section?!). Aptoide opens the actual Play Store app (the real one) to these hidden charts so it’s not the one downloading apps. Get it, for reals.

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Features of the Aptoide

Does what Google doesn’t Honestly I feel like google should be doing this themselves. But I’m glad we have someone that will when google is too lazy!! Great app

Finally able to filter out all of those games from the Play Store! This developer does great work, just check out the Facebook wrapper they have released!


Does what it says on the tin. No ads, no pesky ‘rate me!’ bubbles, just a simple, fast shortcut to the hidden ‘apps only’ section on Google Play! This app makes browsing play store app section much easier than before. You don’t have to see a mega list of games when you only want to browse for the app. So this app deserves 5 stars!!

G R E A T – A P P! Finally salvation from stupidity and evil finally an app that helps the world become a better place. it has no permissions, its clean serious and effective . congratulations you are a fabulous man. thank you.

Android Market – Classic/Older Version of Google Playstore This is what I’ve been missing from Android since the millionth of updates. Thank you, developer! And I have to add, it’s so light weight.

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